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                              Sand And Gravel Dredge Plant / Twin Screw Towboats / Dredge Pumps For Sale

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                                                                                 (1) Floating Sand And Gravel Dredge.
                                                                                 (2) 850HP Twin Screw Towboat.
                                                                                 (3) 700HP Twin Screw Towboat.

                                     Sand & Gravel Plant / Twin Screw Towboat

                                                           10X10 Thomas

Used THOMAS 10" X 10" Sand & Gravel Dredge, Cat 3406B, photos included, Thomas 10" X 10" Type J30 dredge pump, 47' ladder with 36" cutter head, topside operator's cab with controls and air conditioning, spud receptors (no spuds), primer pump, CAT 100 KW diesel generator, four winches (one for ladder; three to move barge, approximately 200' of used discharge piping, Southwest Tennessee USA..$POR ... (NOTE: This Dredge has already been broken down and is ready to load out.)

                                                            Pearce 12X10

Used Pearce 12" X 10" Cutterhead Dredge, powered by a CAT D343 diesel engine, a Pearce 12" X 10" Pump, a 45' ladder with hydraulic cutterhead, a 60KW diesel generator powered by a John Deere diesel engine, enclosed cab with heater and air conditioning, North Arkansas..$SOLD ...

                                                          Thomas 12X12

Used DREDGE USA Thomas 12" X 12" Cutter Head Dredge, powered by a CAT C18 (475 to 500 HP) diesel engine, and equipped with a THOMAS 12" X 12" Pump, enclosed cab with heater and air conditioning, 60' ladder with hydraulic cutterhead, four (4) hydraulic winches, pontoons are 5' wide X 4' deep, overall length of the dredge is 83',                   North Arkansas..$SOLD ...

                                                              Twinkle 10X8

Used 1992 Twinkle 10X8 Portable Dredge, Powered by a Cummins NT855 diesel engine, equipped with a Townley 10X8X30 Dredge Pump, a 50' Ladder with a 40' hydraulic cutter head, 4 hydraulic winches, 2 48X60' pontoons, walkways, enclosed cab and operators station with heater and air conditioning, hydraulic controls, disassembled and ready to ship, FOB. Arkansas..$SOLD ...

                                                             Twinkle 10X10

Used Twinkle 10" X 10" Cutterhead Dredge, powered by a CAT diesel engine, equipped with a 45' ladder with hydraulic cutter head, Thomas 10" X 10" pump, in good operating condition and appearance, North Arkansas..$SOLD ...

                                                   8" X 8" Sand Dredge

Used 8" X 8" Sand Dredge For Sale, Powered by a CAT 3406B Diesel Engine with hydraulics driven off front of engine crankshaft, pump driven off engine through a truck transmission, a PEKOR 8" X 8" pump with 80% or better wear parts, a 30' ladder with a hydraulically driven cutter head, rear spud holders (no spuds with unit), full cab with gauges and vacuum gauges, 4" primer pump, complete with hydraulic winches and pontoons, F.O.B. Alabama..$ (SOLD) ...

                                                        GIW Dredge Pump

Used GIW Dredge Pump ONLY Model 8x8LSA-25

FOB: Sylacauga, Alabama $23,500.00

Optional Drive unit: 6 cylinder diesel/JD Diesel with PTO

FOB: Sylacauga, Alabama $15,000.00 ...

                                                   Galigher Vacseal 10" x 8"

Used Galigher Vacseal 10" x 8" Sand Pump ONLY, N8-VPC-207, with new wear liners, powered by a 125 HP electric motor 3 PH.60HZ, F.O.B. Sylacauga, Alabama..$15,000.00 ...

NOTE: Add $500.00 To have this unit cleaned up and painted..

                Sand & Gravel Processing Plant / Dredging Pump Mining Equipment